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Digital security is an essential part of every business, but it’s not without its challenges. A cyberattack can harm a company’s reputation, increase costs and even lead to bankruptcy. To protect sensitive data and systems, organisations need to train their teams in safe processes and implement digital security systems that defend against threats.

Protects Productivity

Without good cybersecurity solutions, employees can become victims of viruses that slow down computers to a crawl and make work impossible. These attacks also expose confidential information, which can lead to litigation and brand damage. To prevent this, companies must invest in the best cybersecurity solutions and implement a strong policy that requires all employees to sign non-disclosure agreements before sharing any data.

Improves Compliance

Many regulations require companies to be compliant in order to avoid fines and other sanctions. To ensure this, they need to have digital security in place that can keep up with changing requirements and proactively monitor the organisation’s environment. This includes implementing cloud software, maintaining regular data backups and having secure password management protocols.

Helps Boost Trust

As the world becomes more digitalised, businesses are relying on their digital assets to support operations and growth. However, a single attack could cost them billions in lost revenue and damaged reputation. To combat this, the OECD is helping to promote policies that strengthen trust without inhibiting innovation and opportunities from ICTs.