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AI cybersecurity

Cyber criminals are constantly experimenting with new methods to attack organizations. AI cybersecurity tools help you stay ahead by detecting new behaviors in real-time and flagging them so that your team can act.

Unlike traditional malware detection techniques that look for specific code signatures, AI cybersecurity works by monitoring device and network behavior. It compares live activity to a model of “normal” behavior gathered from your organization and users, then alerts you when a device or network is acting unusually. This eliminates the need for precise code signatures and reduces false positives.

What are the Benefits of AI Cybersecurity?

Advanced protections: AI can process massive data sets at high speeds, identifying and correlating patterns to provide more comprehensive protections than human analysts. It can also spot and respond to attacks that bypass standard anti-virus software, such as polymorphic malware and scripting.

Increased productivity: AI can automate routine tasks, such as monitoring systems and analyzing user behavior, freeing up your human talent to work on more critical and complex issues. It can also detect threats and prioritize risk, which helps your team respond quickly to mitigate or address security vulnerabilities before they escalate into more serious incidents.

Consider whether the AI security products you’re considering use a variety of machine learning algorithms, how they compare against their competitors, and how frequently these algorithms are updated. Also, think about how seamless the AI cybersecurity tool operates in your environment and how easy it is for your team to understand the results of its threat analysis.