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A cyberattack on the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands has compromised staffers’ computer systems, Reuters reports. The ICC investigates war crimes, genocide and other serious crimes.

One of the largest known cyber-espionage campaigns has been targeting companies that operate critical US infrastructure, Microsoft says. The attack, dubbed Volt Typhoon, uses “living off the land” tactics that exploit functions and software already present in victim systems to avoid detection.

The Financial Stability Board warns that a major cyberattack could disrupt financial systems, potentially triggering a global economic crisis. The assessment is based on a growing understanding of how easy it is for hackers to steal extremely sensitive user data and disable systems that keep the world’s money moving.

Graham Cluley is a long-time industry expert who held senior positions at Sophos and McAfee before starting his own security consultancy, Naked Security. He runs the Naked Security blog with a straightforward, accessible style and is also a regular media commentator, conference speaker and podcaster. He joins Byron to talk about the latest developments in ransomware, how cyber risk will be assessed by insurers and the high risk of AI cyberattacks that stem from deep fakes. A security bug in a social media app allows an attacker to hijack accounts.