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Cyber-security is an ever growing field that encompasses a wide range of job titles and responsibilities. These include security analyst, security engineer, and security architect. All are concerned with protecting computer networks, software and data from viruses, worms, spyware, malware, hacking attempts, unauthorized access, and other cyber attacks.

With the growth in remote work and proliferation of smart devices, it’s become increasingly important to ensure information systems are protected against cyber-attacks that can cause everything from extortion attempts to compromising personal information. In addition, cyber defenses are necessary to protect critical infrastructure like hospitals, financial services companies, and power plants.

Increasingly, cybersecurity also includes the ability to identify and recover from successful attacks. This can be done through business continuity and incident response plans. These strategies help the company remain online after a security breach and aid in the restoration of IT and business systems.

Security architecture involves designing safe application infrastructures that limit the ways hackers can reach enterprise systems. This includes developing secure code, data input validation, and other measures to prevent unauthorized changes to applications and to reduce the impact of a cyber attack.

Additionally, cybersecurity includes the ability to implement strict security policies that outline the responsibilities of employees, acceptable use of technology and steps to take in case of an incident. These policies are continually reviewed and updated to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape and threats.