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Cybersecurity focuses on the protection of systems and information assets from cyber-attacks and threats. This can include a risk assessment, security policies and procedures, disaster recovery planning and preventative measures like employee education.

For businesses, cyber security can help protect their brand and client information from hacking, ransomware and data theft, which can lead to a loss in customer trust and revenue. It can also help with maintaining productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

The need for cybersecurity professionals is growing quickly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now more jobs available for cybersecurity workers than qualified candidates to fill them.

A career in cyber security can be very rewarding. It’s an exciting and challenging field with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. It’s also a very important job to do, especially in today’s digital age. We all rely on technology to live our lives, and it’s crucial that we keep it secure.

Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, a degree in Cybersecurity can set you up for success. At University of Maryland, we offer an accelerated Master’s in Cybersecurity program that allows you to count up to 6 approved credits towards your graduate degree. You will join a community of students who are passionate about cybersecurity and collaborate with faculty members to develop your skills in a variety of cutting-edge areas, including: