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Welcome to this week’s Cyberthreat News, a weekly round-up of the most important cybersecurity stories from around the globe.

The FBI is investigating a ransomware attack that affected the city of Baltimore and other government agencies. The agency’s director echoed President Biden’s call to improve data security practices.

NASA is launching its free on-demand streaming service, offering space fans first-hand access to original cosmos content. The company also reveals it is improving password protection. A new report details a hacking group’s tactics to collect personal information. It’s one of the biggest breaches in history, and experts say it is symptomatic of the growing threat from hackers who exploit personal data.

A researcher has found a way to bypass Apple’s restrictions on third-party keyboard apps, potentially allowing attackers to spy on iOS users. The discovery comes after a Kaspersky study of the malware ecosystem uncovered a malicious WhatsApp mod that harvests private messages.

Clorox says an August cyberattack caused “wide-scale disruptions” in its operations that could lead to product shortages and delays. Its CISO offers six ways companies can better protect themselves from cyberattacks. Cisco Systems is buying Splunk in a $28 billion deal that bolsters its portfolio with software for detecting and responding to cyberattacks. The firm says it will use the software to help improve its own cybersecurity. It already uses a version of the software in its security operations center.