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AI cybersecurity

AI cybersecurity is a specialized area of the technology industry, combining artificial intelligence (AI) with security systems to prevent cyber attacks. These solutions monitor and analyze behavior patterns, enabling them to detect suspicious activity and take prescribed actions such as restricting access to data, logging off users or preventing deletions. This technology is best suited for collecting massive amounts of information, analyzing it and providing insights to improve an organization’s situational awareness and decision-making.

Whether it’s to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risk, or detect and respond to threats faster, integrating AI into an organization’s defenses makes sense. However, it’s important to remember that this is an evolving field, and companies must remain vigilant and ensure they are using the most current cybersecurity best practices when implementing an AI solution.

For example, the recent emergence of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT threatens to increase the frequency of cyberattacks by empowering criminals to generate malware rapidly and automate the delivery of their scams or social engineering attacks through human-sounding voice synthesis and deep fakes. This trend has prompted security experts to re-think how they use and deploy AI technologies within their organizations.

Aside from the benefits of improved threat detection and response, AI-based security solutions can also reduce operational costs by reducing manual efforts. This frees cybersecurity personnel to focus on more critical tasks, which can result in increased productivity and job satisfaction. Additionally, it can help them to become more effective in their roles by allowing them to apply creativity and expertise to learning, strategy and decision-making.