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Cybersecurity (pronounced kyber*se*cur*ity) is the discipline dedicated to protecting sensitive information transmitted across networks and devices. Government, military, corporate, and financial organizations transmit vast amounts of data that contain valuable information, intellectual property, or private information that unauthorized access or exposure could have significant consequences.

Cyber security protects three main entities: endpoint devices like computers, smart phones and routers; networks; and cloud environments. To prevent cyber attacks, a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy must encompass all of these areas. However, this can be a challenge because hackers are constantly evolving and the technology needed to protect against them is always changing.

In addition, human error is a major factor in the exploitation of sensitive information. Negligent employees may unintentionally cause a security breach through click-jacking, ransomware, malware, or other malicious software. To mitigate this risk, companies need to educate their employees on best practices, company policies and incident reporting. This can be done through seminars, classes or online courses.

For consumers, cyber security is about feeling safe in your digital life at home and on the go. It’s about knowing someone is there to stand behind you if your devices are hacked and your personal information stolen. You can take steps to improve your security at home by making sure that you don’t click on suspicious links in emails or social media messages and updating your devices regularly. You should also back up your files on a regular basis to avoid losing important data after an attack.