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Cyberthreat News delivers the latest information on current and future trends in infosecurity, including data breaches, cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. It claims 8 million monthly readers that include “leading security researchers, geeks, techies, business grads and CISOs”. It has a long history of delivering cutting-edge cyber news, with articles as well as blogs, podcasts, webinars, white papers and virtual events.

In this week’s episode of CyberWire, we explore a new warning from Clorox following an August cyberattack that could lead to product delays and shortages. We also take a closer look at the latest in malware trends, including wider spread bots, trojans and RATS as well as the growing use of malicious code from non-executable files.

A new app code of practice from UK officials is designed to help developers avoid issues when building mobile apps. Meanwhile, hackers dumped data stolen from St. Louis’ Metro Transit. And the Philippine defense chief warns soldiers to stop using social media apps that utilize artificial intelligence.

Plus, US federal agents seize the dark web leak site of a ransomware group and the FBI is investigating MGM Resorts’ systems after a cyber attack. Plus, the benefits that a ransomware group enjoys might be better than yours. And separate fixes for macOS and iOS patch flaws in the kernel and WebKit that can allow threat actors to gain control of devices. Plus, a Cisco IOS XE zero-day is exploited. Plus, the NSA and partners offer anti-phishing guidance.