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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the set of controls used to protect data and infrastructure in a cloud environment. It includes encryption for data at rest and in transit, limiting which roles or individuals from the provider have access, and strong authentication methods that support compliance requirements. Without proper security measures in place, you can lose valuable data or experience downtime due to a breach.

The vastness of the cloud presents a large attack surface, creating opportunities for hackers to steal or disrupt data and workloads. Malware, Zero-Day, Account Takeover, and other threats have become commonplace, and companies must rethink their network-centric approach to cybersecurity in the cloud.

Keeping up with cloud environments can be challenging as your business grows and changes, especially when multiple providers are involved. Ensure you have a comprehensive cloud security solution that collects and analyzes all logs to detect unauthorized activities.

Misconfigurations are the most common source of vulnerabilities, and they can give attackers access to critical data or services. Ensure your security tools have just-in-time access provisioning, review and revoke access credentials on a regular basis, and use secure development practices like incorporating automated code analysis into your CI/CD process.

Providing the right level of protection for your cloud is critical, as it prevents the most advanced threats from impacting your business. Encryption for data at rest and in transit is a must, as is ensuring you have a robust incident response plan that’s ready to handle any threat.