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The threat of ransomware is a growing concern for businesses and individuals – but what can we do to combat it? We ask experts for advice.

The energy systems that power entire economies are at risk from cyberattacks, a new report finds. We talk to security researchers about the latest threats affecting the sector.

Almost two-thirds of all breaches involve employee actions, and many of these incidents are avoidable. That’s why the industry is focusing on training and awareness efforts to improve employee cybersecurity hygiene.

Building automation and industrial control system vendor UL says it was breached by hackers. The company says its internal security systems were compromised but that no customer data was stolen.

Cybercriminals are evolving their techniques to target Apple users, Patrick Wardle of McAfee discusses. A new study reveals that companies are spending more on security budgets, but that growth has slowed due to economic uncertainties and higher borrowing costs.

We’ll have more on the upcoming changes to incident reporting requirements from the federal government, plus tips on preparing for the next phase of COVID-19 ransomware attacks and a look at the state of healthcare cybersecurity. Then, Mike Walters of Action1 joins us to talk about the 20th anniversary of Patch Tuesday.

A security researcher finds a flaw in the popular OpenSSL library, which could be exploited to steal passwords or other secrets from web apps. In addition, the EPA withdraws recent water sector cybersecurity rules, amid lawsuits from states and water associations. Also, a hacker group claims an attack on CDW and Void Rabisu deploys a lightweight RomCom backdoor against the Brussels conference.