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AI cybersecurity

AI cybersecurity is a field that applies artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to information security to improve detection, response and prevention. The technology helps SOC teams prioritize risk-driven alerts, streamlines the investigation and response processes by analyzing data and automating repetitive tasks, and reduces the impact of cyberattacks by helping identify suspicious behavior.

The key to success with AI is ensuring that the software is securely configured and maintained to prevent it from being compromised or exploited. This means that an organization must understand how to use and deploy AI safely, including identifying the best possible applications for it in its environment.

In addition, securing decision-making algorithms is critical to ensure the integrity of an AI system, as they can be subjected to the same types of attacks that any other computer program can be. The Brookings Institution notes that if these algorithms are not properly protected, malicious actors can gain access to sensitive data by poisoning the training data or indirectly through model augmentations.

An additional challenge is that the rapidly evolving threat landscape can render existing AI models obsolete, so it’s important to continually test and update them to stay ahead of attackers. Also, since many AI tools are designed to be self-learning, they may develop their own biases based on the data that’s fed to them, so it’s essential to build ethical guidelines and monitor their operation closely for any potential risks.