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Cybercrime is the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to commit a criminal act. This ranges from the theft of personal data like credit card and bank details to hacking into systems or websites to take them offline by overloading them with data (DDOS attacks). Cybercrime can also include more targeted attacks, such as phishing emails that are crafted to look like they come from a trusted source, often the CEO or IT manager.

Cybercriminals are not new, but with the emergence of online services they have become more sophisticated and organised. They treat cyber crime as a business and even have their own marketplaces where they can sell stolen identities and information. They also collaborate and share tools in order to launch large scale cyberattacks, such as spamming millions of people with malware or taking a website offline by overdosing it with data (DDOS attack).

One of the most challenging aspects of this type of crime is its nonlocal character. Cyber crimes can be committed from locations around the globe and since laws are different across jurisdictions, it’s difficult to prosecute cybercriminals who don’t reside within our borders.

The best way to protect yourself against cybercrime is to be smart and vigilant. This includes being careful about what you download, reading reviews and looking beyond the Google Play or App Store. You should also use a reliable antivirus and antimalware solution on your devices to prevent them from getting infected with malware.