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digital security

Digital security is the best practices and tools used to safeguard your online identity. It includes password managers, parental controls, antivirus software, and more. The goal is to protect your devices and data from hackers, phishing, and malware.

Cyberattacks have been a growing concern for individuals and businesses alike. While the benefits of digital technology such as work-from-home and remote employee management help with productivity and flexibility, cyberattacks can be devastating if they’re successful. A successful attack can expose confidential data to the public, potentially resulting in customer loss, regulatory fines and other penalties.

The types of data most often targeted in attacks include payment information, employee records, business plans and trade secrets. For example, a cybercriminal that gets access to credit card numbers (including expiration dates and Card Verification Value), online banking data, and PIN codes can make illegal purchases and potentially drain your bank account. In addition, cyberattacks can damage a company’s reputation and even lead to revenue loss.

As a result, cybersecurity solutions have become a staple in the business world. However, companies need to understand the complexity of protecting their networks and their employees from cyberattacks. Many companies are now investing in security tools such as firewalls, anti-spam, content filters, wireless security and more to help mitigate threats.