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Cyberthreat News

Cyberthreat News

The ability to detect and react quickly to cyber attacks is becoming an increasingly important part of the narrative for businesses, organizations and individuals. With more malware being launched than ever before, the threat landscape is constantly changing. That’s why it is vital for business leaders to keep abreast of the latest developments and thought leadership within the cybersecurity industry.

In this monthly round-up, we take a look at the top Cyberthreat News from the past month. Highlights include:

UK pension schemes, BBC and BA hit by cyberattacks on outsourcing suppliers; Volt Typhoon cyber-espionage campaign could trigger attacks on critical US infrastructure; the highest AI cyberthreat will stem from deep fakes; CISO churn is a hidden threat for security; and more.

A new study quantifies the near-constant rate of hacker attack on computers with Internet access. And, a prominent Apple security expert warns of cybercriminals’ growing interest in targeting Apple users.

From the US’ biggest e-commerce sites to major banks and credit unions, cybersecurity breaches are a growing concern across industries. In fact, a majority of breached records last year came from just three industries – government, retail and technology. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those industries are less careful about protecting customer data.

But with constant attacks on the rise, keeping abreast of the latest developments can be a challenge for even the most seasoned cybersecurity professional. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best websites that provide the latest news and thought leadership in the cybersecurity industry.