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There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds, a new study says. That’s one of many reasons why cyber security has to be a top priority for all businesses.

A cyberattack can do a variety of things, such as steal information (intellectual property theft), change or destroy data, or cause a denial of service attack where cybercriminals overwhelm networks and servers so that they cannot be used.

The US government is urging Americans to update their cybersecurity, even if they are not working from home. Experts say the coronavirus pandemic has prompted hackers to step up their attacks, using people’s interest in the disease to lure victims into clicking on malicious fake websites. And because so many people have been working from home, they are at greater risk for phishing and other cyberattacks.

Some of the world’s biggest airports are reporting problems with their websites after a cyberattack by an attacker inside Russia. Computer engineers are scrambling to fix the problems that have affected online booking and ticketing systems.

The financially motivated UNC3944 group that hacked MGM Resorts claims it has restored payment systems, digital room keys and reservations to two upstate NY hospitals. Researchers have observed 27 vulnerability exploits for sale or purchase on the dark web.