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The latest cybersecurity news on data breaches, security vulnerabilities, malware and phishing attacks, data privacy and compliance, cybersecurity conferences and more.
From the first-ever hack of a US presidential candidate to new research on how to improve cybersecurity jobs, we cover the stories that matter in the world of threat intelligence and defense.

There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds, according to one study. And ninety-five percent of breached records came from just three industries – government, retail and technology. It isn’t because those industries are less diligent in protecting customer information, but rather because they contain high volumes of personal identifying information.

Cybercriminals are also targeting the hospitality industry, looking for ways to steal payment card data and other sensitive information from customers. The Clop ransomware group is the latest example, with victims being threatened with public disclosure of their stolen data. Meanwhile, a new report from Silverfort finds that identity security is the most significant gap in cybersecurity resilience. And Mandiant uncovered a months-long cyber espionage campaign, targeting high value government entities and technology firms in the US and abroad.

Apple is rolling out a macOS update to address a vulnerability that can allow attackers to bypass authentication and access sensitive files. Microsoft and Finite State have a joint webinar on securing the software supply chain. And Tenable is acquiring Ermetic to expand its exposure management capabilities. Plus, a security researcher has found a way to turn macOS into a botnet.