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Data Breach

A data breach is an incident where a company’s system is infiltrated by cyber criminals. This can expose personal information, such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers, to thieves. The attackers then use that information to steal money, commit identity theft or other nefarious actions. The attack can also reveal confidential information, such as customer lists or business secrets.

There are many reasons why a Data Breach occurs, but the most common reason is human error. The data can be accessed by hackers directly through vulnerabilities in the company’s systems, or they may purchase malware or stolen log-in credentials to gain access. Other reasons include accidental or malicious insiders, and flaws in the company’s infrastructure.

While it’s difficult to protect against all types of threats, companies can take steps to prevent a data breach. They should perform regular risk assessments to identify potential weaknesses in their systems and address them before they become a problem. They should also create a plan to notify individuals if their personal information is exposed, and they should review the law to make sure they’re complying with regulations.

Individuals impacted by a Data Breach should monitor their credit closely and invest in a credit monitoring service to spot suspicious activity. They should also change their passwords and other online security settings. In addition, they should consider a credit freeze to prevent thieves from opening new accounts in their name. Companies impacted by a Data Breach can spend millions to repair their reputation and systems, so they need to work quickly to minimize damage.