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Whether it’s a DDoS attack or privacy issues with children’s connected toys, the year 2019 brought many cyberthreats and breaches. A look back at the highlights.

A team of researchers has developed a deep-learning model that can steal information based on the noise of keystrokes. The model could crack 1 in 5 active passwords and is a reminder of the traps we can fall into when cybersecurity standards aren’t met, Mike Kosask from LastPass writes.

The CIA and Five Eyes call out a GRU hacking campaign that targeted Ukrainian military targets. The group used the ‘Infamous Chisel’ malware, which has been tied to previous state-linked attacks.

The Spring-Kafka zero-day discovered by Google is a threat to IoT devices and other applications. The vulnerability affects a wide variety of Linux and Windows systems and allows attackers to take over devices.

Muddled Libra specializes in targeting software automation, BPO, and telecommunications industries, as well as high-value cryptocurrency institutions and individuals, a report finds. The group also favors exploiting third-party vulnerabilities and is known for targeting VMs on VMware hosts, researchers say.

The University of Michigan overcomes a ransomware attack that delayed the start of the academic year, a cybersecurity expert says. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating a data breach at a school that involved more than half its staffers. And a new study finds that cybersecurity breaches at third-party vendors are on the rise. CISOs need to address this risk, the study warns.