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Digital security involves taking precautions to protect your online presence, personal data, and assets from cyber attacks. It includes tools such as antivirus programs, antimalware protection, and secure configurations. It also covers strategies such as identifying threats, detecting and eliminating malware, preventing hacking and other threats, and educating employees on safe internet practices.

While the two terms often get confused, digital security is a subset of cyber security. It encompasses all aspects of data protection, while cyber security protects an entire network of systems and information from unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity Protects Your Business

Data breaches have become a common occurrence as our society becomes increasingly more technologically reliant. As a result, data security is essential for protecting your business, its reputation, and the trust of clients.

For journalists, cybersecurity is important because it can help protect sources and safeguard your own data. It includes tools such as encrypting hard drives and flash devices, using virtual safes, avoiding using easily-guessed answers for security questions, and using two-step authentication on all accounts. You can also use apps such as Signal for encrypted message smartphones or Cryptomator to create passwords and secure files.

Having a solid digital security system in place allows you to work without fear of hacking, data theft, or loss of privacy. GIJN offers a variety of articles and resources on cybersecurity, including the 2016 article Digital Self-Defense for Journalists: An Introduction by Jonathan Stray and the 2019 GIJN Guide to Mobile Security for Journalists.