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Cyberattacks are evolving, and security teams have to stay one step ahead of bad actors to ensure a strong defense. Increasingly, organizations are turning to AI cybersecurity to scale their team’s capabilities, improve detection and response times, and reduce the risk of breaches.

Unlike what many people envision when they think of artificial intelligence, machine learning cybersecurity solutions don’t use data patterns to detect threats, but rather a variety of other factors like an organization’s network topography and its current state. Using this information, an AI solution can quickly determine whether an activity is suspicious and act accordingly. The result is that security professionals can focus on more pressing matters and minimize the time they spend managing threat detection and mitigation.

Automated Analysis & Investigation

Many IT security threats require a great deal of manual effort to identify and respond to, such as monitoring networks for abnormal behavior or analyzing files for signs of phishing or malware attacks. With the help of an AI security system, these tasks can be automatically performed by a software program with no need for human intervention, saving significant time and resources.

Augmentation for Resource-Constrained Teams

With its ability to process massive amounts of data and extract actionable insights, AI is ideally suited for enhancing situational awareness and decision-making in the field. Moreover, AI can take action immediately upon identifying an issue and continuously improve over time with the help of machine learning algorithms that learn from and apply new information.