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Cybercrime is a massive problem that affects businesses, government agencies and individuals across the globe. From the stealing of personal information to ransomware attacks, hackers are constantly developing new ways to exploit the world’s technology. Many of these attacks don’t even stop at computers and mobile devices but are also being carried out on connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices. These attacks are causing significant financial and reputational damage to businesses and consumers globally.

These cyberattacks can be a result of criminal activity or state actors. This includes everything from malware, phishing and hacking into financial accounts to spying on people or companies for their own gain. These attacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated all the time. Criminals are now able to cover their tracks more easily and often work together.

One of the biggest effects of Cybercrime is that it can cause damage to a company’s infrastructure and lead to downtime. It’s important to keep up with the latest security updates and never open attachments from people you don’t know. Also be wary of using public Wi-Fi as these networks can be compromised.

The other big effect is that it can cause personal financial damage. This includes identity theft, which is where criminals steal key data connected to your name, such as all or part of your phone number, address or social security number. It can also include scams to get your bank details and rogue websites that imitate trusted brands on the internet.