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Cyber-security is the prevention of damage to, protection of, and restoration of computers and electronic communications systems and networks as well as the information contained in them. The growing amount of confidential data and the increased use of digital communication systems make cyber security more important than ever before.

The rise of remote work and the need to protect IoT devices, BYOD policies and more has made cybersecurity a top priority in many organizations. The best approach to cybersecurity involves a multi-layered one that weaves together people, processes and technology to create a strong defense against attacks.

Weak Credentials

A common way to breach a company’s security is by exploiting weak or unprotected passwords. Stronger passwords and multifactor authentication can help reduce this risk. Encryption key management is another important aspect of cyber security, as it ensures that the correct keys are used to decrypt data and prevents attackers from accessing sensitive information.

Advanced Malware

Today’s sophisticated malware is beyond the detection capabilities of legacy security solutions, requiring a more proactive approach to cyber security. This includes solutions that can detect anomalous behavior and stop attacks before they cause any harm, as well as provide more in-depth visibility and analysis of threat activity to identify campaigns by advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other advanced cyber threats.

Physical security measures like system locks, alarms, surveillance systems and data-destruction systems are an important part of cyber security as well. They can help ensure that only authorized personnel have access to company systems and information. This applies to both on-premise and cloud environments.