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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the protection of data and applications that live on or are transmitted to a cloud service. This can include everything from communications encryption with the cloud to end-to-end data encryption of your own cloud services.

As technology moves faster than industry security standards can keep up, businesses are increasingly relying on the convenience of the cloud. This means that employees may be using unauthorized cloud applications or connecting to unsecured servers, potentially exposing your business’s information to malicious actors and leaving you vulnerable to legal issues.

A good cloud security solution will help you mitigate these risks by encrypting all data in transit, minimizing the attack surface by controlling access to sensitive applications, and providing secure remote access via zero-trust network access (ZTNA) for your remote workforce. It should also provide the ability to audit & monitor all activity in your cloud environment, detect anomalies in user behavior, and prevent insider threats by leveraging machine learning and behavioral analytics.

It’s also important to note that while outside hackers are a huge threat, your employees can be just as dangerous. A large number of security breaches are caused by misconfigurations and lack of awareness among staff. By educating employees on proper security practices and using secure passwords, you can ensure that your team doesn’t accidentally give hackers front-door access to authorized data and systems.

Choosing a solution that can address these challenges without adding extra vendors to your already overburdened infrastructure is vital. Look for products that can automate your workflows, simplify traffic flows, and centralize management without slowing down your business. A purely cloud native solution like Zscaler is ideal, as it will minimize the amount of hardware you need to purchase and manage.