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The cyber security field is constantly evolving as attackers find new ways to steal and destroy data. Critical thinking skills can help you to quickly identify the best responses and implement protocols to counter these threats. Curiosity about technology and how it works can keep you up to date with emerging trends and attack methods, enabling you to be proactive in your defences.

The latest malware attacks include ransomware, cryptojacking, formjacking and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that use a variety of techniques to steal data and compromise systems and networks. These sophisticated attacks can only be prevented with modern security solutions that focus on prevention rather than detection and response.

As we rely more on digital tools to work and share information, it is essential that our cybersecurity strategies are fit for purpose. These strategies must protect people from financial loss and reputational damage through the theft of data.

Every organisation carries sensitive data and the risk of cyber-attacks is real. The recent high profile data breaches show that the threat is not going away.

With the right technology, you can protect your people, assets and customers from the risks of data breaches. This means implementing policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of information stored on your servers, cloud platforms and devices. It is also essential that you design applications, software and networks with security in mind. This can significantly reduce the risk of attacks and mean that even when these software/networks fail, they do not expose the data to malicious actors.