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As businesses migrate to the cloud, ensuring they have the right tools in place to prevent data breaches is essential. The good news is that there are a number of solutions built specifically for cloud security. These include cloud network security, workload protection, secure application control and zero-trust network access (ZTNA) to help protect remote workers, all of which can be delivered via a single platform that replaces traditional hardware appliances.

Many businesses are unsure if their data and applications are safe in the cloud. They worry that sensitive information may be leaked or stolen by cyber threats and that the loss of intellectual property will hurt customer trust and profitability. Cloud security is focused on securing these business assets in the cloud, including customer orders, secret design documents, financial records and more.

While enterprise can rely on private clouds that are only accessible to them, SMBs and individual users must manage with public clouds. This means that the servers of a few major service providers house their data alongside the data of many other clients. This can lead to a heightened risk of data breaches, which are referred to as cloud-native breaches. These occur when threat actors exploit errors or vulnerabilities in a cloud deployment without malware, find valuable data, and then steal or leak that information. To prevent this, a cloud-native security framework should be implemented, and that includes encrypting data at rest, in use and in transit. It also helps to employ strong passwords, multifactor authentication, and user awareness training.