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Cyberthreat News is a monthly roundup of key cybersecurity stories from around the world. It covers everything from a royal headache for tabloids and a US-China internet security barrier to the latest developments in ransomware, BEC attacks, data breaches and more.

This month’s top story: a Nigerian national gets 8 years in the US for his role in an $8 million business email compromise scheme. Also, the NSA and CISA publish guidance for hardening 5G standalone network slices against possible threats.

BEC scams continue to grow and evolve, with healthcare organizations among the most frequent victims. And a threat actor’s real identity was uncovered after they infected their own computer with an information stealer.

Big British firms like Marks and Spencer, Diageo and Unilever have been hit by cyberattacks on outsourcing suppliers that could affect their staff data. Meanwhile, the FIN8 gang continues its shift to ransomware and a so-far unidentified threat actor compromises JumpCloud.

A new US program would label smart devices that are considered safer and less vulnerable to attacks. Plus, Apple security expert Patrick Wardle discusses how attackers are stepping up their attack strategies against iPhone users. And Jorhena Thomas, an Intelligence Analyst who spent 8 years in the FBI, joins to talk about intelligence education and her experience as a professional analyst.