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Hacking is an activity that involves using computer, networking and other skills to gain unauthorized access to systems or networks. A hacker may use their abilities to hurt people through identity theft or bring down a system to collect a ransom. Hackers often face stiff legal penalties for their activities.

There are many reasons why hackers choose to hack. They can be motivated by a sense of achievement like cracking into a well-protected system for the first time, or by competition. They can also be sparked by the desire to impress their friends and social media followers with their hacking prowess.

Most hackers aim to exploit either technical or social weaknesses in order to breach defenses. They can install malware on a computer, steal login information, or even bring down an entire website through a technique called a denial-of-service attack. They may also target specific individuals by impersonating their employer or other coworker in order to obtain personal details and passwords.

To become a hacker, it’s important to understand the basics of how computers work and to learn a few programming languages. You should start by learning assembly language, which is the basic code that every processor understands. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with open-source systems such as Linux, because most of the web servers on the internet are based on this operating system. You should also know how to use a scripting language such as Bash, which can make hacking much easier and faster.