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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is concerned with protecting data and business content that lives in the cloud. This includes preventing data leaks and theft, as well as safeguarding the intellectual property that drives a company’s competitive advantage.

The cloud is a complex environment where data can move between different locations and be accessed through multiple devices. This increased interconnectedness creates a more challenging landscape for security. Attackers are able to leverage poorly protected interfaces to expand their reach and steal more data for their own gain.

As a result, companies need to look beyond the limitations of traditional perimeter-based security controls to protect their assets in the cloud. A Zero Trust approach is the best way to achieve this. Zero Trust requires users to prove who they are, what they are authorized to do and where they are located – before being granted access to the network.

In addition to a Zero Trust strategy, companies should encrypt data at rest and in motion and utilize strong authentication methods (such as MFA) when logging into the cloud. They should also logically segment their services to control how data is accessed and stored in the cloud. For example, backing up data locally can be an important measure to prevent loss of critical information in the event of a data center outage. They should also consider hybrid cloud services that combine the scale and accessibility of the cloud with onsite control of specific data.