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Cyber-security is the process of defending technology (like computers, smart devices, routers and networks) from attacks like malware, viruses and hacks. Cyber-security professionals help create processes, practices and tools that prevent these threats from ever entering a system.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cybersecurity has become a must-have for any business. One security breach can cost a company millions and lose the trust of customers. With the rise of remote work, it’s more important than ever to protect digital assets from the threat of cyber attack.

Computer security is a broad field that includes many different technologies and solutions. These include software, hardware and procedures that stop and prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber-security also encompasses the policies and practices that dictate how those technologies should be used. This includes ensuring that employees and contractors follow the correct procedures when accessing company systems. It also includes ensuring that those systems are secured with 2-factor authentication, password protection and other measures.

The information that is a key asset of any business is often stored in digital environments or the “cloud.” Protecting those environments from cyber attacks requires special protocols. This subdomain includes things like DNS filtering, network security, data loss prevention and encryption.

Some of the most complex and devastating cyber attacks are the long-term targeted actions by advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers. These attackers can stay undetected on a network for lengthy periods of time and steal very sensitive information. This includes private customer data, corporate IP and even medical records.