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Cybercrime is a growing global threat to our security, economy and way of life. Vulnerabilities in our technology and the lack of attention to cybersecurity by individuals, businesses and government agencies make us all targets for criminals seeking quick, low-risk profits. From ransomware to data breaches, phishing, hacking and identity theft, the list of cyberthreats is long and new ones emerge every day.

The nature of the Internet, as a planet-spanning network, complicates matters even more for law enforcement. Just as the ground leaves clues that a good tracker can follow, cybercriminals leave clues in cyberspace—but often these are much more difficult to find and harder to follow across borders, since they can be hidden by anonymity or obfuscation.

Cybercriminals use everything from keyloggers to cryptographers to hijack your computer and steal information. They can steal your personal details to access your bank accounts, credit card or other online services. They can lock your files and demand a ransom or simply use your account to spam other users. They can also infect your home with malware or send denial-of-service attacks to bring down sites.

The FBI’s Cybercrime Center and CyWatch are just two examples of the agencies working to identify and investigate cyber crime, gather intelligence and provide resources to victims. But the best way to beat cybercrime is through security training, up-to-date software and vigilance.