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When you value something, you put it in a safe, lock your car in the garage or keep the title to your house in a safety deposit box. Your digital assets are as precious as your most prized possessions, and they deserve the same level of protection. This is what digital security does; it protects applications, information and devices from malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity is a multifaceted field, covering many aspects of life in our increasingly online world. It can be divided into three pillars: Availability, Privacy and Control.

For example, a hacker could gain access to a corporate network and steal private data, putting the company at risk of legal action. This may also lead to a loss of productivity, which is why it is important to invest in cybersecurity.

The privacy pillar includes measures to protect personal data, such as using two-factor authentication or storing passwords on an encrypted virtual safe, using a password generator, adding dummy characters before and after real ones and not writing them down in plain sight. It is also good to install software updates promptly, to ensure that the security system is always up to date.

The control pillar is all about making sure that your technology is working properly at all times. This can be achieved through proper hardware maintenance, ensuring that it is regularly serviced and repaired and that the OS is up-to-date with security patches to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited.