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Cyberthreat News covers cybersecurity news, threats, vulnerabilities and attacks. It offers expert analysis on a broad range of security topics for enterprises, CSOs and others interested in the industry. Its 8 million monthly readers include “leading security researchers, geeks, techies, business grads, and CISOs.” It provides insight on the latest trends in infosecurity along with practical advice for staying ahead of cyberattacks and protecting data.

A recent report quantifies a near-constant rate of hacker attacks, with a computer with Internet access being attacked every 39 seconds. Other key topics include the increasing sophistication of malware, the risks of phishing and social engineering and the dangers of using non-secure passwords.

The biggest privately-owned cybersecurity lab opens in the UK to help companies check how safe cars, planes and industrial systems are from cyberattack. It’s located near the GCHQ base in Cheltenham.

One of the largest known cyber-espionage campaigns has hit companies running critical US infrastructure. The hackers are targeting the suppliers of critical US energy, water and communications services.

A new attack exploits a flaw in software that is used by more than half of the FTSE 100 companies. The attack is a reminder that even large companies need to be vigilant about their supply chain.

A government agency seeks to make it easier for utilities to improve their cyber defenses. Its new voluntary incentive framework lets them raise customers’ rates to cover security improvements. NIST is also working on a more detailed guide to help water sector members better address the unique cybersecurity challenges they face.