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digital security

Digital security refers to the various ways we can safeguard our devices and internet accounts from those trying to break in. These methods can range from not sharing passwords with friends to using two-factor authentication on our phones to avoid hacking. These are all essential aspects of digital security, and you should incorporate them into your daily life as much as possible.

Digital security also has a large number of applications in the business world, from ensuring the safety of online banking to safeguarding data stored in the cloud. It is vital to ensure that your business can handle cyber attacks and data breaches, especially as the number of these incidents continues to increase.

Security council

A Security Council can help protect a company against cyberattacks and breaches by creating and implementing digital security policies within the workplace. This can include training employees on how to spot a potential breach and what the organisation should do in such an event. It can also be a good idea to create a committee within your organisation that is specifically responsible for enhancing digital security. This can ensure that the members are constantly updating their knowledge and keeping up with industry trends and developments. It’s also important to train members of the council continuously, so they are always up to date on their knowledge and can protect the organisation against threats.