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Cyberthreat News covers the latest developments in computer security, data breaches, malware and phishing attacks, cybersecurity conferences and more. With more cyberattacks than ever, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends in cybersecurity. This weekly news roundup delivers the key stories that might have slipped under the radar.

From hackers wire transfering millions of dollars to victims to extortionists demanding compromising plastic surgery photos, cybercriminals are finding more ways to profit from the growing popularity of cryptocurrency mining malware. Plus, big British firms like Marks and Spencer, drinks maker Diageo and consumer goods giant Unilever were impacted by cyberattacks on outsourcing firm Capita. The personal financial information of 769,000 California retirees and 2.5 million Genworth financial policyholders were exposed after the company’s MOVEit breach. And service members on US military bases are reporting unsolicited smartwatches in the mail, exposing them to potential hacking.

It’s not just nation state hackers that pose a threat to US cyber infrastructure, Defense Department deputy assistant secretary for cyber policy Mieke Eoyang told TruCon2022. Criminal hackers who are looking for money also make the country “hospitable” to attack, she added. That’s complicating DOD’s ability to defend the nation. DOD works closely with law enforcement to keep the nation safe, she said. However, the DOD’s efforts are limited by law and budget constraints. That’s why it is important for the nation to take a collaborative approach with the private sector and foreign governments.