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Data Breach

Data Breach happens when sensitive information is compromised. It can be caused by external attackers or internal threats.

Hackers may target your business by using brute force attacks that try to guess passwords or exploit security vulnerabilities to get in. They may also steal your data using social engineering tactics and trick employees into installing malware that exposes sensitive information or demands a ransom. You can prevent many data breaches by segmenting your network so that a breach in one site or server does not affect others.

An internal threat can be unintentional, such as an employee accidentally accessing and reading files without authorization. It can also be malicious, where an insider is abusing their privileges or accessing sensitive information with the intent to cause harm to the company or individuals.

Another way data breaches occur is via physical theft of a device that holds sensitive information. Laptops, computers, hard drives, thumb drives, CDs & DVDs all store important and valuable information. They are convenient for bodily transferring data but they are easily lost, stolen and potentially retrieved by bad actors.

Regardless of how your data is breached you need to act quickly to protect consumers and limit damage. It’s a good idea to develop an incident response plan and test it in advance so you know what to do if you experience a breach. If you can, let consumers know how they’ll be contacted in the event of a breach. This can help them avoid phishing scams that may be tied to the breach.