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Cyber-security is the prevention of damage to, the protection of and the restoration of computers, electronic information systems and wire communication systems and the information they contain. This includes encryption, authentication and verification of data to strengthen confidentiality, integrity, availability and nonrepudiation.

Attackers are growing more sophisticated. They target everything from supply chains and “.gov” websites to critical infrastructure and the personal information of millions of people in organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries. As a result, it’s more important than ever to focus on what you can control. Use the results of your cybersecurity readiness assessment to guide decision making around prioritized controls, and align investments to those outcomes.

Technology isn’t the only threat: human error plays a significant role in many breaches. Cybercriminals take advantage of employees’ natural curiosity and the ubiquity of social media to trick them into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware or entering sensitive information. To protect against these threats, it’s critical to invest in employee awareness and training on cybersecurity best practices, organizational procedures and policies.

The modern enterprise environment is more complex than ever, with a mix of on-prem and cloud technologies and a diverse endpoint base that extends well beyond desktop and laptop computers to smartphones, tablets and wearables. This makes it difficult to maintain consistent security monitoring and policy enforcement. To address these challenges, solutions like IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson provide multi-cloud visibility and deep detection of advanced threats. This approach enables you to move beyond detection-only solutions and take a more proactive approach to prevent the majority of attacks before they happen.