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Cloud Security

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and aggressively retool operations with cloud services, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of these opportunities to conduct data theft and other forms of fraud. To combat these threats, organizations need to implement effective Cloud Security.

A primary challenge is the lack of physical access to the IT hardware that hosts data and applications in the cloud. As a result, companies must ensure that data centers and their personnel are vetted thoroughly to protect against insider attacks. This often involves implementing strong password protection, enforcing multi-factor authentication and educating staff on potential security risks and how to avoid them.

In addition, the fact that information moves between multiple data centers and clouds over public networks leaves it vulnerable while en route. It also can take longer to detect unauthorized access in a cloud environment than on premises systems. Moreover, many different security controls may be in place across hybrid cloud environments and multi-cloud solutions, creating gaps or introducing confusion.

The best solution to these challenges is an all-in-one platform that can deliver a holistic, comprehensive security posture management capability. It must work at both the network and workload level (as well as containers, serverless systems and database-as-a-service environments), with full and partial network segregation and support for advanced capabilities like granular identity and application layer 7 protection. Furthermore, it must also be able to scan for open source vulnerabilities at both the host and network level.