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Sophisticated cyber actors and nation-states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money. They also have capabilities that can disrupt or destroy critical services and threaten the delivery of essential products and services. The nation’s security depends on our ability to identify & respond to attacks quickly. This is the responsibility of individuals, families, small and large businesses, SLTT, and federal governments.

The character of attacks is changing: They focus less on theft and more on business disruption. And 43% of leaders think it’s likely a cyberattack will affect their company in the next two years.

From phishing attacks that target Apple users to a new wave of ransomware to DDoS attacks that threaten the Internet, CISOs are seeing more threats and need better protections to defend their organizations.

Music streaming giant Spotify has been fined 58 million kronor ($5.4 million) for violating Swedish privacy laws by not properly informing users about how their data is used. The company allegedly broke the law by failing to inform customers on how their data is collected and for what purposes, according to local media reports.

Microsoft expands access to its cybersecurity training program for women and girls in Asia under the Ready4Cybersecurity initiative. The program is part of the company’s efforts to close the gender gap in the field of cybersecurity by 2025.

The FBI says it has disabled a tool used by Russian cyberespionage group Turla to spy on NATO, US government agencies and tech companies. The tool is reportedly being used by FSB spies to gather intelligence on those aligned with the West.