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Antivirus is a basic cybersecurity tool that every MSP should have in place to protect their clients against digital threat actors. It searches, detects, and removes any virus or malicious file from the computer system. The software also works as a preventative, so that it not only gets rid of the current virus, but it stops any potential viruses from infecting the system in the future.

Computer viruses are malicious programs that steal hardware resources, information or sensitive personal data for profit. They can also be used to damage a device or take control of the entire machine.

As more people move away from hard copies and into the digital world, security has become a major concern. Hackers and other malicious entities are always looking for new ways to steal, harm or infect data and devices. They can also use these files to commit fraud or extort money from their victims.

While there are a number of security tools available, antivirus software is one of the most effective and common. The best antivirus programs are dependable, quick and easy to operate. They should have the ability to run full scans, automatically update definitions on a regular basis and be able to detect malware through signatures, heuristic detection and other methods.

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