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A cyberattack happens every 39 seconds, according to a Clark School study. That’s why cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for businesses and organizations. Hackers can gain access to your company’s systems, steal sensitive data, or infect your employees with ransomware or other malware. The impact of a data breach is devastating, as Target learned when it paid out millions and lost customers’ trust.

The blizzard of breaches that swept through 2018 illustrates just how important it is to invest in cyber security. The bad news is that attackers are getting more daring. Some sectors are more attractive to malicious actors than others – financial services, healthcare, and retail come to mind – but any company can be hit by attacks seeking customer or corporate espionage data.

Some breaches are the result of vulnerabilities in well-known software and hardware vendors. These “zero-day exploits” can be used to steal sensitive information and are often discovered by hackers before a vendor has a chance to release an update. Other breaches are the result of social engineering, phishing attacks, or malware that can be distributed by compromised websites or IoT devices.

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