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Cyber-security is the practice of protecting information, systems and devices connected to the internet from hacking, data breaches, identity theft and other digital crimes. It’s a multi-layered approach that incorporates tools, techniques and best practices to mitigate cyber risks.

It seems like almost everything today relies on computers and the internet: communication (email, smartphones, tablets), entertainment (interactive video games, social media), transportation, shopping, medical equipment, credit cards, banking and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that the nation’s top intelligence officials have warned that cyber attacks and digital spying pose a greater threat to national security than terrorism.

The cyber threats that need your protection include malware erasing files, attackers breaking into systems to steal access details or alter systems and apps, and cryptolocker malware that encrypts files with a key only known by the criminal who demands payment in order to restore access. These types of attacks have become commonplace, and the good news is that there are ways to minimize the chances that your business will fall victim to them.

A successful cyber security strategy includes a combination of technology, training and vigilance to keep malicious actors at bay. To ensure your business is protected, conduct a risk assessment to identify the most valuable assets within your IT infrastructure and where they reside in terms of storage, networks, servers, systems and the cloud. This will help you prioritize your cyber security investments.