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From cybersecurity breaches to ransomware attacks, the latest Cyberthreat News offers a snapshot of top stories from the past month. Biden announces national strategy to boost US defences; countries ban TikTok on government phones; and Australian firms fall victim to cyberattacks.

A new study shows that a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds. Listen in as security leaders share their thoughts on the research & discuss how they are mitigating these threats.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s five members voted to propose a series of rules designed to harden the securities market against hacking, data theft and other threats. The proposals are expected to be formally adopted next week.

In a bid to prevent cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, the US federal agency responsible for protecting the nation’s power grid has added a team of experts to its ranks. The team is tasked with monitoring the threat landscape and coordinating responses to attacks.

More than one-third of all cybersecurity breaches go undetected, according to a new report from Marsh. This blind spot is hampering incident response, recovery and prevention efforts.

The number of cyberattacks affecting the oil and gas industry has risen, with the most damaging threats involving espionage & theft of proprietary information. The threat actors behind these attacks are getting smarter and more sophisticated, with more and more organizations falling prey to their tactics. This month, oil and gas companies were hit with malware ranging from ransomware to bots to cyber-espionage.