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The cybersecurity industry has seen its share of ups and downs in the last couple years. From securing learning devices during the COVID-19 pandemic to coping with data breaches at critical infrastructure providers like the Colonial Pipeline, the security world is never far from breaking news stories.

From a single-minded attacker trying to breach government agencies to sophisticated breaches at the highest levels of corporate America, cyberattacks remain a top concern for companies and their employees. The most popular cybersecurity websites offer a wide array of articles, podcasts and videos that cover everything from data breaches to new malware and hacking techniques.

IT Security Guru aggregates the latest in cyberthreat news. Their website covers thirteen communities: Attacks & Breaches, Application Security, Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, Information Assurance, IoT, Network Security, Perimeter Security, Privacy & Compliance, Risk & Threat Intelligence, Vulnerabilities & Threats and more. Each community is led by editors and subject matter experts who work with researchers, technology specialists, security analysts and industry experts to create informative articles that often lead to spirited discussion.

Dark Reading features articles and interviews with cybersecurity professionals, including CISOs, and covers all aspects of enterprise security, from data protection to network security. This site is updated multiple times a day and is well-known for its expert commentary on important news stories in the cybersecurity space. It also offers a wealth of other useful content, including webinars and events that bring together the best minds in the field.