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AI cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are relentless, and the security team at any company requires the right tools to keep up. Using AI cybersecurity can help reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

AI cybersecurity uses machine learning to identify threats based on the patterns of malicious behavior and a company’s own typical behaviors. It’s a more efficient approach than attempting to detect software signatures, which can be buried in a sea of innocent code. The system can analyze data sets to identify the most common patterns and stop the attack in its tracks, preventing damage or data theft.

ML algorithms are also used in AI cybersecurity to analyze data and improve its analysis, meaning that over time the protections are more accurate. This is critical to stopping sophisticated threats like spear phishing, where hackers attempt to impersonate high-profile employees and target them with a fake email. AI can spot these types of attacks by analyzing textual patterns, recognizing how users typically communicate and looking for any deviations.

As a result of AI, cybersecurity teams can save time by automating processes and increasing their capacity to monitor the entire network and protect against a variety of threats. For example, many companies utilize patch management solutions to update their systems with new software patches that fix bugs and vulnerabilities. A cybersecurity solution that automates this process, identifying which applications are running on each server and connecting to them, can streamline the process for more efficiency and less manual effort.