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Cloud Security

Cloud Security encompasses policies, controls and technologies that work together to protect systems, data and infrastructure hosted in a cloud environment. From authenticating access to filtering traffic, a comprehensive cloud security solution can be configured to meet specific business needs, reducing administration overheads and empowering security teams to focus on other priorities.

Many organizations have sensitive data in the cloud that they may not want to risk losing. However, even with a robust security solution in place, data breaches, malware infections and system outages can still happen. Disaster recovery solutions can help expedite the restoration of lost data and reduce downtime resulting from these disruptions.

Cloud security solutions must support agility in a fast-paced environment where applications are deployed using containers, infrastructure as code (IaC) templates and other automation mechanisms. They must also enable granular visibility into an organization’s complete cloud-based architecture and application ecosystem in order to identify gaps, misconfigurations and other potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

The biggest cloud providers often encrypt and back up your data several times, so you can rest easy knowing that those pictures of your vacation or videos of your kids’ elementary school graduation are safe in the event of a server crash. Additionally, they hire outside companies to regularly test their servers and software to make sure the data they are storing is safe from hackers and cybercriminals. But what about the files and documents you store on your own computer?