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Sophisticated actors and nation-states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money, while others seek to disrupt or destroy critical services. Defending against these attacks is the responsibility of individuals, families, small and large businesses, SLTTs and federal agencies. When the right tools and skills are used, it’s possible to reduce the attack surface for bad actors to exploit and the risk of a breach or an outage.

For example, phishing attacks are designed to trick individuals into divulging private or sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers and cloud-based phishing can use artificial intelligence to better target victims. Ransomware is another common attack, as hackers threaten to delete files or hold the data hostage until paid. And while malware and bots aren’t technically a new kind of attack, they have been getting smarter over time.

As economic sanctions against Russia take effect, the West should be prepared for a stepped-up campaign of cyber attacks from Vladimir Putin. According to Cylera’s Chief Security Strategist, the banking sector and other key sectors could be targeted.