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Hacking, in its most basic sense, is a way to gain unauthorized access to computer networks and systems. It can be used to steal money or confidential information from individuals, corporations and governments.

There are many different types of hackers. Some are malicious and attempt to break into systems for personal gain. Others are more concerned with helping a cause.

Cybercriminals manipulate users to install malware on their computers, usually by sending them messages or links that look authentic but have a malicious intent. When a user opens the link or attachment, their system is infected with malware that steals their money or information.

They also can create computer viruses and spread them via email, instant messaging or Web sites with downloadable content. When a virus infects a computer, it can cause problems ranging from crashing the machine to wiping out everything on its hard drive.

Script kiddies are a subset of hackers who rely on pre-written programs to perform their hacking activities. These are amateur hackers with little to no technical skills.

Blue hat hackers are typically motivated by revenge against an individual or organization, often to gain unauthorized access to their emails and social media accounts. They can also post private or confidential data on the internet to ruin their reputations.

It’s always best to avoid the use of hacking tools and techniques unless you are an ethical hacker. These types of hacking tools and techniques are illegal, and can lead to serious consequences if discovered.