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AI cybersecurity protects against cyber attacks and enables companies to respond more quickly.

The need for cybersecurity tools that can effectively detect cyber threats is growing as the amount of data breaches and other types of attacks increases. Using human resources to monitor vast amounts of data and respond to security alerts can be time-consuming and expensive, putting an additional strain on businesses.

Automating low-level security activities can free up skilled personnel to focus on the more complex tasks that require a human touch. This is a win-win situation for both companies and their employees.

AI can also help identify suspicious activity that may be in the network before it hits critical systems. For example, AI software can identify and monitor anomalous email transmissions that could be used in an outbound attack.

A common AI cybersecurity technique is to compare live network activity to a model of “normal” behavior from the organization and its users. This identifies suspicious behavior in real time and helps to reduce false positives and false negatives to the minimum.

However, even AI cybersecurity technology is vulnerable to cybercriminals’ manipulation of its training data. Hackers can alter the data to include biases and damage its efficiency. Additionally, new AI-powered malware can bypass detection and modify itself to avoid security solutions.