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A cyberthreat is anything that can harm systems or data – whether through destruction, theft, alteration, disclosure, or denial of access/service. This includes malware, phishing attacks and other types of threats that can disrupt critical services or infrastructure and threaten national security.

The internet has a wide range of attack surfaces, allowing bad actors to target organizations and individuals without detection. These vulnerabilities are exploited by nation-state and non-state actors to steal data, money or other valuable resources.

Terrorists and hacktivists also often attempt to infiltrate government agencies or critical infrastructure providers. This is where a company’s cybersecurity practices can have a dramatic impact.

New threats crop up every day as bad actors devise new ways to get around counter-threat technologies. From phishing attacks to new IoT devices, cybersecurity criminals are constantly trying to break through defenses and gain access to private information.

Countries ban TikTok on government devices amid cybersecurity concerns; Australian firms targeted by cyberattacks

In this month’s Cyberthreat News, we bring you key stories from the world of cybersecurity. From a US national strategy to Australia’s crackdown on cybercriminals, here’s what you need to know about the latest threats facing the industry.

Generative AI is seeping into the workplace, whether companies approve of its use or not. And cybersecurity caution is needed with breakthrough chatbots.